Monday, May 10, 2010


Podcasting is another highly useful internet technology tool. While not all schools have a Smartboard in every room, or even a television for that matter, most have at least one computer. Podcasts do not have to be visual but are always audible. Podcasts can be easily downloaded to a computer. Teachers are able to share the downloaded podcasts with their students through the computer speakers. Why is this important? As teachers, we do not have all of the answers. In researching podcasts, I was hard pressed to think of a subject where a podcast did not exist! Also, students benefit from hearing information from additional sources and voices besides that of the teacher.

I explored Podcast Pickle.
I typed 'science' into the search engine and I was delighted to find "Why? The Science Show for Kids." Dr. Dave Brodbeck created episodes answering questions asked by students.

Some examples of the questions are:
Why Isn’t Greenland a Continent?
Why Can’t Fish Remember?
What Happened to the Dinosaurs?
Why Do We Have a Tongue?
What Makes Some Ice Clear and Some Ice White?
Why Do We Have Five Fingers?
Is There Life In Space?
How Do Bees Make Honey?

I especially liked the podcast on 'What Makes Some Ice Clear and Some Ice White?' Living in Erie, that could be a question that a student would ask me! Kids ask the best questions! In an effort to create a community of learners where each child's contributions are respected, I would have the ability to look up the answer to a proposed question on a podcast. Podcasts in my classroom would not just be a tool for science. Podcasts cover other subject areas where the experts could explain particular concepts in a different way than I would. Math, social studies, language arts and technology integration are all common themes among education podcasts. I will use podcasts not only to answer questions posed by students but to clarify specific concepts in the content areas. (Example: I found a podcast that would be useful for explaining phrasal verbs.

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